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About The MOVIE


About The Foreigner

Country: United States

Year: 2017

Category: Action, Thriller

Release Date: 130 September 2017

Director: Martin Campbell

Starring: Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Charlie Murphy

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 99 minutes

Budget: $90,500,00

Box Office: $?

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The Foreigner

September 30, next week 'The Foreigner'

Action stars get older, but while most shift into other genres or retire all together the one and only Jackie Chan just keeps on kicking. Sure he’s a little bit slower and yes he relies on more stunt doubles and safety wires these days, but at 63 years old he’s still churning out more action movies than anyone else around.

He has four features hitting screens this year, and that’s not counting the two animated ones. That kind of pace often results in issues of quantity over quality though — just ask Takashi Miike — but his latest looks set to flip that idea on its head.

The Foreigner sees Chan starring as a Chinese immigrant living in London who’s devastated when his daughter is killed in a terrorist attack. Distraught, he wants only the names of the suspected bombers so that he can dispense some justice of his own, but one man is standing in his way — a government official (Pierce Brosnan) who himself was once a member of the IRA.
Fun, smiling Chan was always the ideal back in the day when he was delivering blistering fight sequences and epic stunts, but recent years have seen him dabbling more and more with dramatic roles to varied effect. Some (The Shinjuku Incident) are more successful than others (1911), but few have allowed him to blend the serious performance with his bread and butter action sequences.

The movie here suggests that’s about to change, and the results look pretty damn terrific. The story feels like a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Aftermath, Liam Neeson’s Taken, and Harrison Ford’s Patriot Games… and that’s a combination I can get behind (especially with Chan front and center). The action looks like a solid mix of fight scenes and stunts, and the story promises a few layers as well. I’m crossing my fingers that there’s no big reveal that his daughter was the actual bomber.

#The Foreigner involves Chan's character, Quan, a Vietnamese immigrant in London, Release date: September 30, 2017

Campbell’s been in feature film director’s jail since 2011’s Green Lantern failed to light up the box-office, and that’s a miscarriage of justice for the filmmaker responsible for both Daniel Craig’s and Brosnan’s best James Bond films (Casino Royale and Goldeneye, respectively). The man delivers effective and memorable action thrillers — The Mask of Zorro, No Escape, Criminal Law — and while this is a smaller production I’m hoping that not only does it rock but also that it puts Campbell back in the big leagues.

'The Foreigner' Jackie Chan's latest role is taking him away from his martial arts mastery and letting movie.

Just to get the first question out of the way, Pierce Brosnan, known in many circles as 007 James Bond, and martial arts legend Jackie Chan do not spar in their upcoming film, The Foreigner.

The Foreigner Full Movie Storyline

Based on the 1992 novel “The Chinaman” by Stephen Leather, the new thriller is directed by “Casino Royale” director Martin Campbell. Chan’s latest role marks a departure from his usual comedic action style in favor of a brooding serious tone that shows off his acting prowess.
Teen Vogue reports that many are taking issue with the fact that Chan was cast over an actual Vietnamese actor and that the film is being directed by a white man, Martin Campbell.